His cum is spilling out of me
and I can still taste the subtle burn
of nicotine on my lips.
"You’re such a dream,
irresistible and kind,” he says
while cold hands brush hair
away from my face. 

I try to tell him I was created
as the Angel of Death, that I am
what you almost had but lost
that I am a lesson or reminder of how 
to lose and how to become.
That the scars you kiss, made of
fragments and broken memories,
are your lessons not mine and that
is what happens when you
play with fire. 

But his ears are clogged with smoke
and the newly lit cigarette is falling
from his mouth and
turning to ash and it’s
colliding with the pool of cum
glistening naked on the
tapestry rug. 

I want a serious revamp in my wardrobe or just additional lady business blazers, skirts, fancy high waisted pants, gold jewelry, all the black heels. Cleaning out my wardrobe is distressing since I have a bunch of clothes I no longer wear but find hard to part with ‘just in case’. I wear the same clothes everyday so.. seriously?

by Ashkan Honarvar 2014

The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.

Marcel Proust

Scummy and disrespectful people in the punk scene have obviously missed the point.

Hermann Nitsch, Oedipus, 1990

Hermann Nitsch, Oedipus, 1990

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P sure these fire scumdogs at the bar are sharing pictures of naked girls that they sent to them and I’m tempted to hurl this cocktail at them.

marlow83 said: Can you share what you’re treating your hair with?

For the deep conditioning treatment, I wet my hair with cold water, comb with a wide-tooth comb, dry it the tiniest bit and then finger through Renpure’s Argan Oil conditioner. Then I pin it up, put on a shower cap, and leave it for a couple hours. I don’t recommend using the conditioner as a stand alone, it always took the moisture from my curls leaving it dry and stiff.

Once I rinse everything out, I do what I do on a regular shower day. Organix Coconut Milk conditioner works wonders along with moroccan argan oil sprayed on after the shower. Shea Moisture’s coconut & hibiscus curl enhancing smoothie helps lock in moisture and style and separate your curls. Then a frizz product. Everything I use is basically about giving my curls all the moisture they need while maintaining a decent level of body. There are still a couple products and a homemade honey mask I’d like to try in order to boost my curls.

This is a little intricate but I’m extremely stoked because it’s taken me 21 years to comprehend that my hair is not straight hair and I can’t treat it as such. So now that I’ve worked with it and understand what my curls need, I’ve finally grown to love it. There are still things I need to work on i.e. styling but it’s been enjoyable to work with creating the best possible regime for my locks and finding what works or what doesn’t. 

Bernini Apollo And Daphne 

Bernini Apollo And Daphne 

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For the last couple weeks, I’ve started doing a deep conditioning treatment regime once a week for my curls and oh boy, they already look and feel so so so much better and healthier. Ecstatic. Curl queen 4 lyf,

I’ve been finding a lot of old writings in a variety of journals I have scattered about so I decided to make a new wordpress. I’m not sure yet if that’s entirely what the focus of the blog will be - just edits of old (awful) poetry/old stories OR if I can expand it into something more. We’ll see, but it’s up and running if anyone’s interested.